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Spring is my favorite season to shop for, especially since my birthday is in March so that means right about now have some extra birthday money burning a hole in my pocket.

First on the list is a new carry-all commuting tote that is lightweight and preferably handmade. Any new bag also needs to go well with my J. Crew army jacket from last season that I plan to wear (again) all spring.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy the Bookhou zip tote (#5) in the triangle pattern ever since I saw the small tote posted over at Door Sixteen. I love the simplicity of the black/white/leather combo, and the triangle pattern is so interesting to look at. The size looks just about right for my commute and nice long shoulder straps look like they will fit comfortably over the sleeve of every type of jacket. I am a little concerned with the fabric, since it looks rather stiff in the photos and I would prefer a softer bag. Also, while I like the black waxed canvas that lines the bottom I wish it was more weathered looking like the smaller Grey triangle tote bag. The Grey triangle tote seems more my style, but not sure if the bag is big enough to handle my daily commuting.

Update: And now there is a grey triangle bag!

Some other bags I’ve been looking at for Spring:

1. Everlane Classic Tote – Grey: Love the color and simple design, but worried the depth isn’t enough to carry all my daily essentials.
2. Longchamp Medium Tote: I love my large Longchamp so much I need a smaller one for the weekend.
3. Longchamp Medium Cosmetics Case: For all the extra stuff that always seems to be floating around the bottom of my bag
4. Park Slope Denim Tote: I still love my Queens Maptote, but time to update to my current nabe
5. Bookhou Zip Tote – Triangle
6. Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Compact Travel Cosmetic Pouch: Just because I love pink!