Student Fashion: Dare to Color

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Whenever I picture corporate America, I imagine men and women in dreary offices smelling of stale coffee, wearing boring black and grey suits, surround by other men and women sporting the same unoriginal outfits, staring out windows with saddened expressions, or at clocks, counting down the seconds until they are released from their colorless confines.

The bad news is, these offices exist.  The good news is, even if you do end up in a less-than-eventful office, you don’t have to be part of this conveyor belt. Instead, tap into your inner daredevil and dare to be colorful!

The key to incorporating color into your work wear is to be sparing.  Don’t over do it with a mixture of loud prints and bold colors. Pick one piece that speaks to you, whether that be a bright blazer, a fun pant or killer heel; and keep the rest of your look simple.

This Calvin Klein Zip-Pocket Jacket is colorful alternative to the classic office blazer.  Have this be the focus of your outfit by wearing it over a white top and black slacks (as shown by model).